The World Cup and the Soccer Goal

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Soccer, or football, as it is known in most countries, is a competitive sport. Every four years the entire world is captivated by the world cup as they anxiously watch each game, each hoping for their country to win. The world cup is the most prestigious soccer trophy a country can obtain. With the cup only coming around every four years, an average player can expect to compete for it for about two to three times in his soccer career. As you can imagine the stress for each player is extremely intense and the training rigorous. With only ninety minutes to each game, the outcome many times hinges on one goal. Soccer goals are a liberating moment for the team that scores. It is almost as a wave of courage sweeps through the team and the adrenaline begins pumping life and vigor into their playing. The goal is the one moment every soccer player dreams of. However, for some they have to be content with playing their part on the defensive. Maybe they’re all getting a free sports bag after the game? Because the sport is all about strategy, each player needs to be aware of his surroundings, constantly guarding his position and looking for ways to take the play forward. Often, split second decisions are made by players that have the ability to make or break the game. Since the entire game depends on one or two goals, the referee has a huge responsibility to rule unbiased and accurately. In the 2010 world cup there were many questionable rulings by the referees that broke teams and sent them home. At the end of the cup, the chairman for FIFA international responded to the complaints by hinting a change in FIFA’s referee system. Up until now, no electronic system has been in place to safe guard teams against poor referee calls.

Soccer / Football is also a great fitness work out for children and teens but part of anyone’s Fitness World.

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