Supplements 4 fatloss &muscle gain

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What supplements should you take? Which supplements will help you gain muscle? Which supplements will help you lose fat? Which supplements are dangerous? Watch this video and find out!
nitric oxide?
protein powder?

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Noel Rivas says:

Caffeine and fishoil are the only things I use. I don't even use protein powder because I get enough protein from the food I eat. I tried creatine for a few months but stopped because I honestly think It's not worth it. Yea it might help a little bit but you honestly don't need it and anything to put less stress on the kidneys is a good thing.

Rudy Cooper says:

What BF % were you here scoob? You look very lean in this video

KeepersWay says:

only supplements that have proven benefits from studies is flax, L-glutamine, and creatine

zaiddagamseh says:

Scooby you made me think some very naughty things when you said I shouldn't make you pillow scream x-D

Clyde Ng says:

is honey ok with your green tea?

Doc Moll says:

instead of Flax I have been using organic Chia.

Jp Lopez says:

how about L-carnitine supplements? Do they really help lose fat?


really good for esl people

a.joseph says:

Can you use a coffee grinder to grind flax?

George Asprey says:

Don't make me pillow scream. lol.

Oingo Boingo says:

Great video, Scooby. You're not only awesome, but you're REAL!!!

LiftingSmart says:

Good video Scooby. Thanks!

jeremy the bear morrissette says:

scooby1961 i eat alot of spicy foods, now ive heard it told to me, that spicy foods, raise your core tempreture, that could help with weight loss, just woundering if you know anything about this??

Brent M says:

vegan whey protien, vanilla at GNC?

Nk Hlpn says:

You are a great guy Scooby. Thank you for providing such great health info and all for free. You are awesome. Nick in UK

afg96 says:

How about Dymatize iso 100?

SuperMerlot says:

What about joint support supplements? Do you use them?

MrCaveman77 says:

You should do a talking video to help people sleep or for meditation

Bourne0814 says:

Cool stuff, but I didn't like his comment about 15lbs in a year, considering I gained 40lbs in two months during my last bulking phase and increased my bench press by more than 200lbs in those 2 months. The only supplement I used was creatine. All I had to do was do the calculations on calories and grams of protein, and then put that math to work. You CAN gain 15lbs of muscle in a matter of months using nothing but food. It's also very easy to gain 30lbs of muscle in a year.

Prozaah says:

Scooby! i havent seen your videos in years! so happy to find them again! You are awesome!

steven gerrard says:

My coworkers laughed when I told them I would burn off fat with "Lean Body Maximizer", but then they saw the results. Google "Lean Body Maximizer" to see their reaction.

Sachin Narang says:

yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen to this In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. worth watch here now

cehajich says:

Scooby you are aa King, greetings from Bosnia!!!!

MrJ1r0 says:

steroids > supplements, right scooby?

Andrew Timmis says:

you are right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Listen Do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. you can watch out here

ujwol suwal says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these people accomplish it easily using Zippy Fat Loss (Look it up on google).

daniel charette says:

do research people before you listen to michael…do NOT drink or take olive oil from grocery store …they are bad and heat treated and you will surely fuck your self up…you mine as well drink crisco….. you want the best oil for best ratio 1:3 omegas it is HEMP oil… go to HEMP USA dot org…. and that is the best protien powders on the PLANET beats whey 1000 times… dont listen to me…i want you to do your research..go check them out

Michael E. O'Donnell says:

My bad. The proteins in whey bind with the catechins- a type of anti-oxidant, in black tea that are synergistic with the, awesome, antioxidants in green tea.
Black tea, according to Dr. Maoshing Ni: 38th generation OMD ( Oriental Medical Doctor ), pioneer and practitioner of Integral Medicine ( Eastern and Western combined ), and author of Secrets of Longevity- after 20 yr. of research, is the beverage of Centenarians world-wide.
I , usually, have black when drinking green tea ( why I erred ).

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