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  1. Love your videos and love you!!! Too bad your so far away- we can make a video for people to talk about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. stay away from all supplements. yes even the so called harmless protein powder bs. it's all suger and harmful additives. and most of the time you body can't even absorb any of those supplements. everything that works is illegal. everything that makes you sick and fat is legal. just a little advice from an old school nutritionist and personal trainer. most bblders are lazy asses. bunch of crybabies. ;)this business is full with lies and rip offs. 99 percent of personal trainer are lying scumbags.

  3. people are just too lazy to handle hunger…. if ur fat u cant eat 5 to 6 meals a day, it will take forever.

    agressive kaloriedeficit with 1 meal at night and high rep worka dn cardio – body if forced to use up the fatreserves….

    6 meals a day only makes sense if u already very lean or are bulking… look at jason genova, he's semi obese but does the 6 meal a day plan and never loses any fat even if he stays on diet.

    we are made to be periodic hungry in our genetec history…. we are not made for continous foodsupply's – when hungry autophage sets in and old crap in the intestines is finally cleaned up and sued for fuel and also the fatreserves get attacked only then..

    its very simple…. body only does thinsg out of real urgency…. unless body is depleted and no carbs, adn amino acids are in the bloodsupply will it free up the fat to be used… it also doesnt make sense to eat a lot of protein in that phase… it will hinder the fatloss…

    the fatter u are , the less u need to eat and stay more hungry to diet succesfully…. just silly how obese fuckers are adopting SPECIALIZED BODYBUIOLDER diets…. bodybuidlers are used to training ahrd everyday and digest the food optimally , it took eyars to reach that.

    someone nobvice and FAT cant copy that diet. their body is clogged up with fat and that needs to get rid of before adding 6 meals a day with a shitlaod of protein…

    many retard trainers are doing this and stalling teh fatloss forever.

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