Weight Loss Success Story: How One Woman Lost 120 Pounds

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Weight Loss Success Story: How One Woman Lost 120 Pounds
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See how Shanna Fried lost more than 120 pounds and get more healthy-living tips at http://www.WomensHealthMag.com/WeightLoss.

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Brooke Mills says:

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Elsa Beck says:

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Mary says:

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SoulFITSisters says:

amazing transformation story!!! head over to our channel and check out how our client Silkia riveria went from 250lbs to 118lbs and walked the stage for the first time this past November — truly inspiring!

Melba Campbell says:

After i researched the “fizy unique plan” on google, the results I found persuaded me to test this! I actually began burning off weight almost right away. My friend tried this guide and lost 10 lbs!

Karanja Kiniaru says:

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Loretha Wall says:

Love what you achieved! I know the hard work it takes. Im down 40 lbs since August..

Evan Butler says:

This is the best guidebook to weight loss that I have ever seen. We lost over Almost 8 pounds, I could not believe in my eye, I feel very happy now. My partner and i only wish I`d searched Google for the diet program "vivi awesome plan" earlier – it would have saved me losing so much time in inferior products.

Rachael Davis says:

I love how you say I'm never going to be 110 pounds or a size 2. But you're happy with your results! I started out this year 299 pounds and now I'm 219 pounds. I have more to go but I know 80 pounds is a huge accomplishment! This Summer I did things I would never have been able to do at 300 pounds. It's not all about how you look it's how you feel. Set realistic goals that's my motto. Right now my goal is to loose 19 pounds before the new year so I can say I lost 100 pounds in one year! You look healthy and beautiful and you inspire me to keep going!

Richard Quinn says:

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Stewart Edmunds says:

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Vanessa Ogden says:

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Frankie Talley says:

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Marcos Mendez says:

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Alberteen Altha says:

I'm an avid weight loss green store tea drinker and I didn't know that it can also cause weight loss. That's the reason why I only trusted this one. I wasn't wrong and after just three weeks I lost 10 lbs altogether! Yipee! Hooray! My future's looking bright!

Festivals in Nepal says:

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Simon McLean says:

My friends talked about that they had found a life enhancing diet. To find out if it has been true I went on Google and found the "fyfy unique guide", and now I have dropped 13 pounds.

Marry Talley says:

Oh my goodness thank you for this story! I am beginning my weight loss journey and I too never wanted to be a size 2; I would just like to define my curves. See her gives me hope in knowing being healthy is what matters and not the size you get down to! Sometimes as overweight people we get so caught up in what society says we should be (and weight is no different). I am going to defiantly look in to kick boxing and some other things she said helped her! God bless this lady and Woman's Health Magazine!

Julia Juhl says:

My name is Julia Juhl and I have been struggling with my weight for a couple years now. I have started up a Facebook support group for this, but nobody has yet joined. I am looking to get it to start finally growing so we can help people. If you need advice, want to vent, want support, etc. come join our group! xoxo 💋



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