Weight Loss Motivation & Tips | Healthy Eating, My Diet & Weight Management | KatesBeautyStation

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Weight Loss Motivation & Tips | Healthy Eating, My Diet & Weight Management | KatesBeautyStation
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I share my weight loss journey with you by imparting my tips for staying motivated as well as some healthy eating tips. I share my advice on weight management as well as tips for weight loss as it’s all too easy to fall back into bad habits once we’ve reached our goal weight. I hope you find this video helpful, if you’d like to see any other weight / food related videos such as ‘What I Eat In A Day’ to lose weight then let me know! 🙂

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Volker Staten says:

I don't have the cravings for some thing sweet all the time. I would recommend using weight loss green store tea.

Loretta Roberson says:

Everyone looking for an powerful diet program has to Google “lyly amazing guide. ” This helped me to burn 11 lbs — and I’m still dropping weight. Excellent diet plan. I hope you will love it and accomplish wonderful results soon.

Kevin Ogden says:

Google this specific diet, "fizy unique plan". It`s simple to follow and provides some incredible results rather quickly. I`ve already dropped 8.5 pounds in a span of 10 days.

Janet Ford says:

This practical tutorial was fantastic! I also searched for “loli special plan” on Google and in one week I had shed 9.5 pounds. You should check it asap

Ede Sonse says:

I am drinking Weight Loss Green Store Tea product Tea before my every meal as recommended. Besides the really pleasant and smooth taste, I noticed that this tea fixes my bowel problem, so constipation doesn't bother me any more. I've lost 8 LB gives me great energy no need for energy drinks anymore. Thanks Weight Loss Green Store Tea product Tea

HeyIt'sRobyn Xx says:

I've had problems with eating when I'm low these tips have helped a lot! Thankyou so much your videos really brighten my day as a lot of them are not good :(

alisha hussain says:

This helped a lot

Jade Flynn says:

When you make a smoothie the fruits sugar goes into bad sugar so it is better to eat the fruit as it has good sugars in them that you need xx

Madi Curthoys says:

A tip that helps me is to eat a high protein, Low Carb diet. An a example of my daily diet would be for breakfast: 2 pieces of bacon & a poached egg, lunch: chicken salad, afternoon snack: celery & peanut butter, dinner: some type of protein with either salad or vegies

Drinks: LOTS of water, tea no milk or sugar

Bethany Bell says:

Love your videos ❤
I also eat out of boredom 😂

Logan Lynn says:

Love your makeup in this!

Faith Marino says:

So good to hear you eat a lot of fruit and veggies! But please don't cut out too many carbs! Of course cut out pasta and bread because it's so processed and not good for you. But brown rice, oats, quinoa is all so good for you even if you're trying to loose weight. It's filled with lots of fiber which will help everything stay moving lol. I'm not an expert haha but I hope you consider veganism. I've been vegan for 4 months now and love it so so much!! Try watching Forks Over Knives, it's really informative! Have a wonderful day<3 

Alice Swales says:

Apparently u should eat breakfast every morning but I can't seem to find something that isn't to heavy on my stomach could u possible recommend something ❤️

Jayde Allen says:

You seem so bloody lovely! I'm trying to eat more healthily at the moment as I have cancer for the third time, and lets say that it isn't going very well, and I've heard that healthy eating can really help with cancer and has even cured some people before even though treatment hasn't been able too. So I've been trying to do that, especially by cutting out sugar! If you have any meal recipes, I would love to know them! I've been binge watching your channel today and we seem so similar, we would get on so well if we were friends 🙈 I'm a blogger and getting into YouTube too (although I haven't been able to do it as much as I would love to recent due to my recent news to do with my cancer, but I'm hoping to carry on as soon as possible! Sending you so much love babe xxx

joana barbosa says:

babyy, in the morning try water with lemon as a shot.. tastes better and makes the almost the same

Zoe May says:

Just came across your channel and I'm so glad I did xx Ur amazing 💜💙

Cindy Webb says:

Just found your channel, this video is brilliant!! Great advice!! I feel exactly the same, I'm a healthy weight too but I've accumulated weight over the past year and I want to lose about 10lbs too. I hate my clothes being tighter!! Thanks for helping me keep motivated xxxx

Alessia says:

I love Adriene! I do one of her videos every morning :)

Stella Greene says:

I am probably the worst at eating when I'm board omg

Artworx88 says:

If I'm a diabetic, do you suggest I eat mostly veggies and not too much fruit, even if it is good for you? If anyone knows this feel free to reply!

George Jack says:

After about a week of taking this, I've noticed that I have lost fats on my things but not my belly. By the second week, I've noticed that my stomach has gotten a bit flatter. On the third week now, and I can say that the results might be slow, but by the time you notice it, Weight loss green store tea is staggering!

bonbongirl1990 says:

Just found you and I love your channel 🤗 you have such a sparkling personality. And this video is great, cause I also am trying to loose some extra pound at the moment so it's helpful to check out some tricks 😊😊

Mavykhalil says:

Your an amazing YouTuber !! I'll defo be telling my friends about your channel 💗👑 great tips xx

TaMiS ReCreandome says:

Hey!! Thanks for this video! Tomorrow Im going to the gym, first time! Since Ive gained 10 pounds around 3 or 4 years, and this video is very motivational for me honey! Again, thank u so much.

Millie & Liv xo says:

Your such a good youtuber,I only just found you out and I'm already loving your channel.You deserve way more subscribers xxx

bmwheartsfashion says:

great video, you're so pretty! just subbed xx

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