Quick & Easy Healthy Vegetarian Meals For Weight Loss & Weight Management

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Quick & Easy Healthy Vegetarian Meals For Weight Loss & Weight Management
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Quick & Easy Healthy Vegetarian Meals That Taste Good
Looking to lose weight and eat less fat while still enjoying food? Then you should try out these 5 meals that have helped me lose drop a few pound. They are as follows:

Eggs with black beans and jalepenos
Oatmeal with granola & almonds
Greek yogurt smoothie with almonds, strawberries & bananas
Avocado, pumpkin seed & cranberry salad
Chipotle-inspired rice bowl
… and a little something extra!

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Sara Khan says:

It would be a shame for you not to shed body fat while other normal people are capable to shed extra pounds easily with Fenoboci Diet Plan.

Evan Chavez says:

I couldn’t believe it when my colleague advised me regarding the diet program “lyly amazing guide” he’d found. Search it on Google. I possibly could hardly believe my eyes when she lost 12 lbs so quickly I can almost watch the lbs melt away as she worked.

Aishah AliBi says:

Hey i was wondering you boil the kidney beans before hand ?

jamuna rajendran says:

This video is definitely fantastic! It helps me recall of the time when my spouse used Fenoboci Diet Plan to lose 16 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Many people would like to lose fat, however we also need to stay nutritious, and that is what Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted.

Weltall says:

Thank you!

wendyiss says:

watching this while eating ice cream…

blackmagick88 says:

there is salt free soda water that I find helps make it easier to consume


So happy I found this Channel ! Thank you for such amazing recipes!

Princess Buttercup says:

Is there something else you can use besides eggs?

All Things Tashy says:

I love rice bowls 🙂 I'm thinking about going vegetarian. I found your video very helpful! I eat meats right now but want to transition myself into a vegetarian diet.

BruceBanner Jr says:

NIce, the food looks amazing!! I will try some of these

TooLong says:

eggs are meat dumbass, you are not a real vegetarian. might as well go eat a bigmac

Neelo & Blue says:

Oooh, I love the look of all of these!
Never done beans with my eggs, I'm trying it out tomorrow. 
I've been substituting sour cream with yoghurt for a while, I prefer it now! :)

Alicia Pilat says:

Wow… awesome video! I'll be sure to try these recipes out. They look great! :)

Brianna Selhorst says:

I've recently become lacto vegetarian after being lacto ovo vegetarian for a little while so I'll use tofu instead of eggs but other than that I found this to be an incredibly helpful video! Thanks!

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan) says:

Enjoyed your video!

chloe walker says:

Thank you i really like ur ideas ! 

Dia Shooter says:

But your other meals looked really good, I'd like to try them out

Dia Shooter says:

I don't want to lose weight, I just want something that has no meat. Why does your vegetarian meal has eggs, if it's vegetarian it's not suppossed to have meat right?

Keysha Bass says:

Wow! You look excellent!

victorb2696 says:

Hey! Thanks for the vid, I've been looking for quick ideas for healthy meals! :)

Exodus Hasher says:

The rice bowl was a brilliant idea. We substituted rice for quinoa, yogurt for sour cream, added corn and added jalapeño to the guac

Thank you so much!! 

Breann LaFaye says:

Great video! I'm a new subbie and hope to more from you soon 🙂 btw, we have the same number of subscribers! That's so cool! 

Nidhi Joshi says:

Loved this, especially the egg idea and the rice bowl. That's something I would love to eat everyday!

I See Melanie says:

Hey @mmanbjjstudent I wouldn't say that the Nutribullet is particularly loud. I live in a condo, so I try not to use it too much after 11PM. I never heard of Ranch Style Beans before, I'm going to check it out! Thanks for watching!

alaa kamal says:

Eggs is an animal product…
No thanks 

rahul verma says:

Now i know what to eat after a session of gym and stay fit day long

Lindsay Sullivan says:

I'm going to make that salad and dressing this week and the rice bowl too!!!! Thanks for all the health quick and easy meal ideas!!

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