Healthy Weight Meditation Turn Your Metabolism Into A FAT BURNING FURNACE 3D Sound Paul Santisi

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Healthy Weight Meditation Turn Your Metabolism Into A FAT BURNING FURNACE 3D Sound Paul Santisi
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The High Priestess says:

I ended up with a migraine PLEASE have someone else do your voice overs you sound too aggressive in this and yelling was not helping with your high pitched voice. Sorry but this is the worst Ive heard in your recordings. 😖😖😖

Douglas Wallace says:

Please listen to #3 again…..This is a tool to be used in building a healthy YOU. Doing nothing but listening to this video will NOT make you lose weight. No magic here. Do what you need to do. This will enhance your efforts and your results will come quicker. But YOU have to do the work.

Kenny Meltzer says:

Is Mofedest Miracle effective to learn how you can understand the real
secrets laws of attraction? We've read a lot of good stuff about
Mofedest Miracle (look on google search engine).

Joe Kimble says:

This is bull Shit


Another amazing video

thiery572 says:

Hey Paul, I have an idea. What about meditation to listen what the body needs, then eat accordingly. I mean,  skinny people will eat more, fat people will eat less, then people with certain disease will listen to their bodies what kind of nutrients they need to eat. Thanks.

Domo D. says:

better you use it first, MR Santisi , I'm sure you can benefit from to loose some pounds.

thiery572 says:

Hmm….. actually I listened to this only 2 times, and not motivated to listen again. The reason is, it's missing the part that addressing the core cause that make us eating unhealthy at the first place. Maybe there's a specific reason I deny vegetables and healthy foods? lol  Maybe there's a reason I eat more than I should? lol. Why am I finding chocolate & coffee more interesting? lol

okeanos says:

i was really excited to hear this until i realized it mentions animal products :(

Rūta says:

It'd be awesome if you could Create a meditation on GAINING WEIGHT not losing it :/

Yara El Mohandes says:

One of the best background music that ever been put in this channel's videos!!! 😄😄

PianoCeleb says:

💚 Santisi

Susan Parsons says:

It truly is amazing how the Universe gives you exactly what you need right at the right time. I was just asking for a weight loss meditation two days ago and wishing that Paul had one. Then there it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Vivian Green says:

Hey Paul Santisi!! is it also possible to alter your eye color through meditation alone?? there's some channels that claim that their audios can change your eye color to what you desire given that you listen to their subliminal audio tapes regularly and Believe, I'm really desperate to change my eye color so i began listening to their tapes and noticed a very minor change but i lost faith after reading mean comments about it being a scam.. So here's my question again- Is it really possible to change your eye color permanently through meditation and visualization alone???

Vegan Snacks says:

go vegan

Star says:

i was manifesting a slimmer body just recently! thank you!

Taejion Andrews says:


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