Live Medicinal Fermented Pro-biotic Papaya fruit I Dr Robert Cassar

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Live Medicinal Fermented Pro-biotic Papaya fruit I Dr Robert Cassar
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Aloha all, Fermented Fruit is the Game today !

This is a continuation of our fermented video series of super-food elixirs.

Just remember this concept: Your gut Wall Flora are more important to keep healthy than you going to work, the relationships with anyone, eating correctly or even exercising.

Your Gut Wall Flora are totally responsible about 85% of our immune systems come from the healthy gut. Make a super pro-biotic and change your life for the better.

We are going to use the sugar in the fruit to make us a huge pro-biotic colonies of essential bacteria.

This is a way to ensure you get a good healthy constant flora of good fermented foods full of the essential microbes that are responsible for so many of the behind the scenes than you could ever imagine.

The BIG PICTURE her is to cut way down with the sugars – no matter what kind , processed sugar, honey, fruit, sugar of any kind and replace it with fats and ferments mostly. This will change the level of candida, yeast, mold and fungus in anyone’s system.

If you have not watched the other series of videos we did on ferments. Then Google Dr Robert Cassar Fermented Foods or go to to see over 200 private videos that have to do with many deeper layers of learning- including lectures- webinars- instructional videos – skin cleaning- detoxification- Rejuvenation-philosophy and much more.

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Look up Part 2 of the Dr Robert Cassar ”Ferments of Vitality” : I recommend you watch the part 1 video we did on fermented veggies if you have not seen it yet. These recipes are the healthiest and inexpensive way to make ”Super Mineralized Fermented Crunchy Veggies”. Most of all the ferments/sauerkraut you buy in the stores now a days are pasteurized which kills all the pro-biotic good bacteria. This is why we make our own and its super easy, cheap and fun to do. The main reason why you are eating the veggie ferments is to get the rich amounts of good bacteria in your gut.

To see Full recipe with detailed explanation: (Click link Below)…

Learn the ferments and learn the Terrain Modification Protocols and principles

Everything in Life is all a ”Work in Progress”.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :)) Dr r

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Dr.Robert Cassar
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