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Find out how to lose weight fast with Vicky’s Egg Diet Plan | 10 Kgs in 10 Days / 22 LBS. 900 Calorie Diet Plan. 4 Simple Ingredients, Low Cost, Effective, Easy to make Meal Plan that will help you achieve your targets unlike other meal plans with high cost fruits, foods, difficult to remember & follow etc. No medications, pills, exercise, extensive workouts etc. Works on Safe & Heathy Nutritious food.

Click the link to watch this video in Hindi :

P.S : People with High Cholesterol and Diabetes (Developed / Genetic) may follow my Veg Meal Plan instead.

Green Tea Recipe:

Oatmeal Recipe:
(Check the description box of the oatmeal video, if following the plan)

This diet works like a charm! However every body type is different hence the results may vary. You know your body well, if u have any kind of ailments, consult your doctor first.

P.S: Eggs in this plan should be consumed with yolk.
Eggs should be BOILED ONLY.
Green Tea should be consumed plain (No sweeteners)
Eggs can be seasoned with little salt & black pepper
(No Mayo/ Sauce)
This is an egg diet plan ( egg is the primary ingredient), pls do not ask me substitute for eggs.

Regarding the Cholesterol in Eggs:
Eggs include HDL cholesterol, also known as great cholesterol. This kind of cholesterol is harmless for your well-being – it can enable the body produce more vitamin D and hormones like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol.
It can lower the amounts of bad cholesterol and will not raise the danger of cardiovascular diseases.

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Click the link to watch this video in Hindi :


zaheer ahmed says:

Hey Vikcy, Thanks for the video buddy, i go to gym on daily basis please tell me can any extra meal or extra food in the meal be added?? what if i go starving 😉 for me 5 kgs in 10 days will also work out mainly focusing on belly fat which is a bit

Martyna Š says:

Okey , i'm starting today whit 83.3 kilos , i will be updating everyday here how it's going ;)

Fanstachetic says:

started yesterday at 67.1kg. 66.4kg this morning 🙂 i'm 164cm

Nigar Jannat says:

started this diet yesterday.. now on my 2nd day..
Day 1 ..Weight: 84.5 kg
Day 2 —– 84 kg
will be posting tomorrow for day 3…

elizabeth osorno says:

So I decided to start the diet , obviously I first added it to cronometer to see if it's true that the diet has all the nutritious requirements needed and it does! I just added my multivitamin pill but I was definitely amazed to see that. I really don't like eggs so day one was really hard for me. Day 1 I weighted 62.1 kg Day2 I weight 60.4 so I lost 1.7 kg in a day ! I know a lot is water but I'm excited plus I am doing barre ! I will try to do it for as long as I can since I need to lose 12 kg!

illusions blow my mind says:

Started today.78 kg.Let's see if it works for me.:)

GamerGirl says:

Im so happy, I ive lost 20kgs so far, even though I cheated a little! I did combine it with 30 lunges, 90 squats, 60 sit ups and about 10 minutes of cardio a day, which I havent found too hard 🙂 So glad I found this plan! Im slowly getting closer to my goal! :D

Malcolm Baldwin says:

I tried this and lost 11 pounds and my sanity in 3 days , Thank you

Elizabeta Lukacevic says:

ok day 5 its time for an updare.yes this thing really works.first time ever im not starving myself to lose weight.i lost 4 kg in 4 days wich is amaizing.i feel so much better.after 10 days i will make one cheat day to eat my fav food and do another 10 days of this.its not hard and it really works.i think i will continue to drink green tea even when im done with diet its really great fat burner and i stop drinking coffee before i was drinking it with lots sugar and milk niw i just drink tea i love this and i would totally recommend kne more thing im alergic on oats so for dinner im eating one bag of oatmeal with few berries and works just fine since i lost 4 kg.thank you.thank you

Amina Ibrar says:

I'm not gonna rest till my legs are as small as Lalisa ;3

Stephanie Stephan says:

3 kg down in 3 days… really does work. I mixed up the eggs a bit, instead of boiled the whole time, I scrambled them now and then. Will post results after 10th day. Thanks so much for this diet. Really does work. ,,,

Lisa Rankin says:

Started mine this morning will update after ten days, hopefully I don't cheat, 😪😪


3 kg down in 3 days… really does work. I mixed up the eggs a bit, instead of boiled the whole time, I scrambled them now and then. Will post results after 10th day. Thanks so much for this diet. Really does work.

Sandya S Reddy says:

can we continue this diet for 1 month?

Athira S. Kurup says:

Hello Vicky mam.. I m planning to start wid dis diet.. can we have the oats buttermilk with this diet?? pls reply

jcaw2010 says:

Started today
SW 246
Will post updates.

Rose Maria Rica Yabao says:

Hi guys! I am going to do this from now on. Day1 weight:65 kgs.

Viviana Perez says:

I started it yesterday Sunday October 2 i weigh 180 pounds ..Today is my second day

Rabeya Aktar says:

I was 81.5 after 10days My weight is 74 kg Alhamdulillah 😊

Bint Adam says:

I started this diet today. After a day of doing this diet (with 3 hardboiled eggs) I wheigh 63.1 I will update everyday

Kristen Loader says:

Started this yesterday at 195.2

Day 1: 192.4

Ellen Abdullah says:

We can eat masala oats also vicky

Eri Hatoyama 鳩山 絵理 says:

someone pleaseeee reply meeeee can I eat calcium veggie cracker as a snack???

jeny Jay says:

i started today with 77.5 kg

Dea Ballgjati says:

Can i drink coffe? And can i add sugar to green tea

Ellen Abdullah says:

I was 48 kilo so i lose 1 kilo in a day and I want to lose 7 kilo more

Nuclear_King says:

In theory couldn't you eat anything as long as it amounts to 900 calories daily ?

R Mh says:

this diet seems amazing n doable, I m trying it today. will update tomorrow.

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