The HCG Diet Program A Brief Introduction

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The HCG Diet Program A Brief Introduction
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Over the years we have heard about different kinds of weight loss programs, many of which have become fads but cannot really bring any real results. Among these different diet programs are low-carbohydrate diet plans, programs that require the replacement of some meals with baby food, and adopting a liquid diet that mainly involves lime or lemon juice. And as we look for weight management programs that really work and would not require us to do outrageous things, we might have come across the HCG diet program. This was first introduced in the mid 1950s and has slowly gained its well-deserved popularity.

Perhaps one question you have right now is how does this weight loss program work. Forget about belly-busting belts or slimming soaps. While this diet program is relatively old, many people have found success with the HCG diet. It involves the introduction of a naturally occurring hormone to the human body – the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This hormone is found naturally in pregnant women, specifically in the placenta. And apart from their primary function, it has been found that the hormone can influence weight loss in significant levels.

Contrary to popular belief, the hormone used in this diet program is not taken or harvested from the placenta of pregnant women, nor is it derived from animal urine. It is synthetically developed and they mimic the weight loss characteristics of the naturally occurring hormone. In the past, the only way to introduce the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone to the body was through injections. But as years passed, several developments have been introduced to the diet program and these days, users can select from different methods of administering the hormone into their bodies – the hormone can now be administered through drops or pills.

Several followers of the HCG diet program have reported great success in their weight loss reports. Some say they can lose a pound per day while active in the program. There are also those who report losing up to five pound per day. Generally, people experience a weight loss of about half a pound per day while strictly observing the requirements of the weight management program.

If you are interested, this might be the best time for you to learn more about this relatively old but quite effective diet program. You can never tell but the HCG diet program might just be the weight management program that can answer your health and fitness concerns.

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