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Ready to lose your belly fat and get rid of your love handles once and for all? Here are 3 simple ways (that you won’t hear anyone else teaching) to lose your belly fat and they are the same principles I followed myself.

Here’s a short quiz to help you discover YOUR muscle fiber type so that you can lose belly fat and rebuild your metabolism so that you can have cheat meals that help you lose belly fat:

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Vince Del Monte
Honors Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 and 2 Certified
BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
PIMST & FFT Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified
WBFF Pro Fitness Model


MrLunary says:

excellent videos content. keep it up

Jacob Cherian says:

Vince is the mad scientist and psychologist of muscle building and nutrition !

Arkadi Danielyan says:

i agree that you need to do smth instead of just watching youtube videos and counting calories but i dont think it makes any difderence how you lose weight if you are comitted. i used to be 175 pounds and lost 25 pounds in intolarable hunger state during a year. yes sometime you become uncontealable and you can ruin your one month work in one night but then you recover. people lose tons of weight just by getting sick. all i want to say is that it does not matter how. if someone will spend as much time on his diet and self control as you do on your training he will have similar result as far as we talk aboit weight lose. i lost some weight even using japanese technique when you throw away one old cloth each 3 days. i dont know maybe it just helps you to be more focus but just believe me even that works.

J M says:

Wtf did you say???


Good stuff.

TodTx says:

Hey man, GREAT video. Totally different than usual stuff. I will put this into practice in 2017 and continue watching your channel to get back on my fitness level. Quick question. I think I know your answer: How do you feel about doing cleansing in order to prep your body for a new way of dieting

Haynzman says:

Ok. I am on board with practicing this plan. My question is how do I handle those cravings you mention when I am craving cookies and ice cream and pringles and pastries??? I love to snack and that is is what i think is my biggest issue.

Mads Mølgaard says:

you're right. I do too, and I found att I look alright hell yeah. this. besides hvor I go to the competition, but my body has it or not well at the valid at time

Victor Popov says:

can you go into the actual process of building a metabolism

Sarah Rasch says:

It makes so much sence. Wow. Bravo :-)

BigDaddyshouseofhair says:

it's. Unfortunately I gave a thumbs down it took TEN MINUTES all of this segment to get your first point. I kept watching through the entirety the content however I happen to have a nose fetish and yes and I continue to watch because of the way it looks. hope I did not offend you. I would listen to 10 hours of your segments if I could look like yours yes very hot. However I was hoping to get more contacts what it is you believe and how you eat without counting calories I myself don't count calories but I can't because of being a type 2 diabetic. I have lost a hundred pounds however I have strange cat hanging around my waist area and was hoping this video would have contest to help me have an everyday normal body. If you have another video that actually gets to the point please feel free to share it with me I would try watching for starters because of your nose and I do like your enthusiasm however I do not like to be shouted at by anyone. please don't see this comment as angry or demeaning it's simply what I saw and listened to and what I got out of it I know we are each different. the apology for bringing to the table that the industry does put stuff on us without knowledge.

Eihab Fitness says:

I always love your passion mate, God bless you! my view on carbs; people react differently to them unfortunately. Some just Can't lose weight effectively with high amounts of carbs in the diet, and some like yourself thrive on them!

guerra I says:

you lost me at calorie deficit… calorie in/calorie out is pointless. it has nothing to do with loosing weight and its exactly why there is an obesity epidemic. because of bad advice.

Robin Markowitz says:

I'm on a Beta Blocker for tachycardia and have gained for the first time in my life. I work out about 3 to five times a week, watch what I eat and there's nothing I can do. Any clients on that type of medication?

Dammmmn. says:

came to dislike and go when I saw the stupid ass title

Mike Edwards says:

This rocket scientist definitely has a face for radio. Quantity……..

Eric Hill says:

More of this please….

Saved to favorites

sandeep sihag says:

Hi vince. I love this video. I would like explained video on rebuilding metabolism. Thanks

Dmv Mr. Stretch says:

How are you insulting sensitive,and how are you burning fat if your not fasting, you just said its good to be hungry, well that's fasting

santomon07 says:

Uh… "don't count calories" but go into a slight deficit?… how do you do that?… "Good to feel tolerable hunger" but "don't do intermittent fasting" which uses tolerable hunger to detox and re-sensitize yourself to insulin….? Vince you seemed to be all over the place…nothing I could grab on to…and there's nothing less credible than a young guy telling people how to lose fat…lol When you get into your 50's then we can talk lol When I was your age I could just work out and eat reasonable too…gets a little more tricky as you get older…And seems like you're saying that you should never get into awesome shape…just pretty good shape…lol Sorry that's just my take on it…I wanna get ripped…

Neel Das says:

Great video and totally logical. I have started to benefit from doing some of your tips over the past 8 months after years of yo-yo rides. However, I still experience intolerable hunger at times which you mentioned. What's the tip to avoid it?

Jason Perez says:

I've been doing a 5-10% caloric deficit and my body feels phenomenal. It feels natural and I'm still making progress in the gym as far as strength, muscle gains, and fat loss. It's gradual. Like you mentioned, fat loss isn't linear. I've had to learn mentally to not pay too much attention to the number on the scale. I listen to my body. some days I need to eat more than others based on workout intensity and such but this slow gradual approach is definitely more enjoyable and easier on the body

Umesh Thammanna says:

hi nice infor thank you

Christopher C says:

but some of us need a guide or were gonna keep eating what we want I like my fittness pal it works for me though once you know how much portion control looks like you can take away that tool our minds adapt I like some of your ideas im not opposed to your ideas but a beginner walks into the gym no apps no help isn't going to know what to do without a proper program everything is a program we've all used crutches growing up but it helped in the healing process once we learned we adapted.

Charles Gabriel says:

Vince: Thanks for all the free content. I will be watching these videos you put out on repeat (to memorize the exercises) and try some of the stuff at the Gym. As for what I would like to see you cover, I am somewhat limited as to what I can do since I suffer from upper back pain, so I try to do what I can while making sure I don't get injured and such (physical theraphy visit still pending for this year) so you can put out any type of content and its fine. I prefer more of the fat belly loss, staying lean and nutrition stuff. Anyway, I still have a lot to learn on these areas.

Ady Sarwar says:

Your Wright brother no offence intended. Respect bro I do take lots of valuable advice from your self .

Ady Sarwar says:

Got board half way through

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