How to burn stubborn chest and belly fat

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How to burn stubborn chest and belly fat
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Are you related to Tyler1????

Faz Fazzi says:

I really appreciate your vids, any tip for someone Who always wake up at night hungry? I cant help but eating something and go to sleep again, but this isnt good for fat burning, so i'm thinking about eating more during the day to prevent that? It happens mostly during periods when i workout a lot i noticed

saymehname says:

Or just do Famers Walks, you will be ripped after a few months I promise.

MetalAttack1986 says:

Damn. I'm actually reading that book right now (Mastery). Definitely one of the most motivating, eye-opening books I've ever read.

Greaser Beto says:

riding a bike every morning count.

Gosty Gena says:

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Code Rqwu says:

thank u elliot

Kamran says:

I'm 5'5 and I weigh around 9 stones. I've got a bit of fat on me but what I've done to get rid of this is before a workout I jog on the treadmill for 20 mins and then workout. But from your video, should I change it to me jogging in an empty stomach every morning for 20 mins (with/without water) and then go and lift weights in the evening? Can someone help me out please? Thanks for your advice.

Faris K says:

I'm 18 now, I'm pretty fat, I work at a hospital and walk about 5 miles a day … I'm 5"10 and weight 220.. Best way to lose weight is to cut my calories guys?

cris sanchez says:

i have a lot of fat from beers

Bob Henry says:

So is walking on an empty stomach more effective than a morning run?

DynomitePunch says:

he's right, absolutely right, i started coutning calories four or five weeks ago when i realised i was 301, now im back to 295, and going down and i don't seem to have lost any muscle but that's because the food i eat are low calorie but high protein, in fact i look bigger now then i did before, my arms have grown my traps are freakish and my chest, which has always been somewhat big on me even befor working out has grown, i use "my fitness pal" it's a neet little free program that does all the counting fo you lol, just plug and play, i've been at this for four or five weeks and this is the best weight loss results i've gotten in years

F. Teixeira says:

my experience so far: ectomorph-> bulking-> belly fat, fat-> regrets->undo diet->ectomorph

Russell Johnson says:

I knew the key was to do cardio on an empty stomach.

YMSA says:

sucks cause I seem to naturally store more fat in my Chest and stomach area the most out of any other place. :/

Giant Head says:

Fire or something

zoeee says:

Why am I here xD

I wanna keep my "chest fat" haha

haschengrube x says:

i was laffing for 10 min "never bulk this way again!"

Hyptoniced says:

help me! my legs are skinny and have muscle but the stomach has fat and around my love handles! Ive been eating less and skipping meals and doing ab workouts help me.

Calvin Haywood says:

Hey Elliott I have never done any exercise at all what is my first step an what is the best diet for me am 37 years old thanks

Ravenex2 says:

I swear this guy could be hodgetwins long lost twin. xD

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