Lose Weight in A Week with Substitution

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Lose Weight in A Week with Substitution
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OK, so you want to lose weight in a week. May I guess your motivations for this? You want to look better in your bathing suit, have a party where you want to look good, or some other event where you think your body fat will not be appreciated. Obviously, you are not alone because every week on the cover of some magazine are tips on how to lose from five to thirty pounds in a week. However, the end result is the same; you are never satisfied with your appearance because you can never keep the weight off. In this post, I will discuss some of the biggest misconceptions about losing weight and how it is supposed to, but fails to make you look better unless done correctly.

To begin with myself as a case study. I weighed two hundred and thirty five pounds when I graduated from college; I was a five foot eleven butterball. I went on basically a starvation diet (as most diets are) for six months, eating nothing but uncooked fruits, nuts and vegetables, and dropped way down to one hundred and sixty five pounds; the lightest I had been since I was nine years old. Now, some may think I would look spectacular, but I did not because I learned what the term skinny fat means.

Skinny fat is the condition where you basically shrink from fat to skinny, but still have no visible muscle and certainly not a six pack. I was the skinniest I had ever been, I could visibly count my ribs, but my stomach still showed no sign of abdominals.

Unless you do heavy weight training and consume enough protein to feed your muscles, you will never have a good looking six pack. I have seen twiggy Asians with six packs that have five inch biceps and you can count the vertebrae on their neck. If you are going for the anorexic look, become anorexic.

If you actually want to look good at a lower body weight, you need to learn how to weight train and substitute good food for bad. It does not get much simpler or harder than these two weight loss tips. Forget losing and gaining weight in a week; you will look no better from this unless you drop thirty pounds in a day from dehydration like professional bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fighters. Look towards the long term and imagine a lifestyle where you never need to worry about fat loss again. Develop the habits that make this a reality (continually replace the bad foods with good and exercise regularly).

Fitness World recommends you consult your doctor before starting any Weight Loss Diet or exercise program.

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